Brisbane Valley Rail Trail : Ipswich – Fernvale
  Queensland's premier rail trail – 148km from Wulkuraka (Ipswich) to Blackbutt.

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-->Ipswich – Fernvale : 22km; under construction
-->start near Wulkuraka station 5km W of Ipswich CBD
-->mountain bikes; walking; no bridges across gullies

Blacksoil Pine Mountain Blacksoil
Pine Mountain
Pine Mountain Pine Mountain Pine Mountain

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Ipswich is 40km west of Brisbane.

Preservation Value

Access by Road: Drive west from Brisbane on the Ipswich Motorway. Bypass Ipswich by taking the Warrego Highway as far as Blacksoil where you turn south on the Wulkuraka Connection Road. Note: 2km before the Wulkuraka turnoff, you will cross the rail trail (going downhill after the 80km/h sign and between a dangerous merge-on on the left and a car scrapyard on the right).
Pine Mountain Pine Mountain Borallon
Pine Mountain Borallon

More Information : Brisbane Valley Rail Trail…
-->Ipswich – Fernvale : 22km : under construction
-->Fernvale – Lowood : 9km
-->Moore – Linville : 7km
-->Linville – Blackbutt : 23km

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