Brisbane Valley Rail Trail : Moore – Linville
  Queensland's premier rail trail – 148km from Wulkuraka (Ipswich) to Blackbutt.

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Australian Rails to Trails : abandoned railways recycled into multi-use tracks for cycling, mountain biking, walking, hiking, horse riding.

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-->Moore – Linville : 7km; extremely steep sections
-->Brisbane Valley; 138km NW of Brisbane CBD
-->mountain bikes; horses; walking; pet-friendly

Steep Descent Brisbane Valley Steep Descent
Near Linville

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An Inauspicious Beginning…

The Moore to Linville section of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is what a rail trail should never be. For the first few kilometres north of Moore it isn't a rail trail at all. The old railway formation is ignored. Instead, a bulldozed jeep track roughly parallels the road to Linville – not alongside the almost level road but twisting and turning over the tops of the road cuttings and down into gullies.

A sign warns users of a 20% descent. 20% gradient on a rail trail! Public roads that steep are almost nonexistent.

A few days before the 'rail trail' was opened (25 November 2007), the region received what country folk refer to as 'good rain' (nothing extraordinary, though). This was enough to remove copious amounts of the top material, leaving a ridiculous mix of fine gravel, squishy clay, loose sand and ponds of muddy water.

A more pathetic example of inept civil engineering is difficult to imagine. Please send your comments.

Update: the damage has been repaired but, apart from a drain in the flooded section (photo below left), there appears to have been no rethink of engineering. Three years have passed since the opening and we suspect that lessons have not be learned. The next disaster awaits?

Flood without Reason Erosion Almost Impassable
Near Moore on Opening Day.
A disaster waiting for a rail trail to happen?

Preservation Value

Access by Road: Drive west from Brisbane on the Ipswich Motorway. Bypass Ipswich by taking the Warrego Highway as far as Blacksoil where you turn north to follow the Brisbane Valley Highway for 90km to Linville.

Sign at Linville Horseshoeing Wayne Wendt
Horse Yards at Linville…

Wayne Wendt, Queensland Government Member for Ipswich West and Chair of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Steering Committee, opened the new horse yards at the historic Linville Station on 25 May 2008.

The opening was part of a day of activities planned by members of the Linville community to celebrate another landmark in the Brisbane Valley and a new asset to complement the upgraded facilities at Linville Station as part of the BVRT project.

In 2006, the Queensland Government recognised that horse riding has long been a part of Queensland's lifestyle and promised to provide access and facilities for horse riders throughout the state. The Living the Queensland Lifestyle election commitments also promised to deliver a South East Queensland Outdoor Recreation Strategy and three regional recreation trails aimed at making even greater use of the region's great outdoors (see Active Trails link below).

The provision of horseriding facilities on the BVRT, will also deliver improved facilities to users of the Bicentennial National Trail which crosses the BVRT at Benarkin.

More Information : Brisbane Valley Rail Trail…
-->Ipswich – Fernvale : 22km : under construction
-->Fernvale – Lowood : 9km
-->Moore – Linville : 7km
-->Linville – Blackbutt : 23km
-->Trail Brochure : Moore – Linville (Qld Govt publication – PDF file)


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